Terran Assignment Part 3

Fate has a different idea.

Captured and poisoned for her repeated defiance, threatened with torture and a painful death, Shara was afraid and alone; there was no way that anyone could know where she was or could come to help her this time. She knew her time was limited, but she would not let herself quietly sit by and wait. She knew she had to try to escape, she had to tell someone what she had found out, what she knew. But in slipping her fetters, she could only manage to reach the darkness of the forest before the drugs overwhelmed her.

She awoke, bewildered and confined, unable to decern how she was still alive or where she was being held. Then her captor, or was he her samaritan, entered and what happened next is the determined, gritty side of the stuff that grand, epic tales of daring do and legends are made of.

Publisher: Red's Ink and Quill
Cover Artists:

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