Keeper and His Tiger Series

Keeper and His Tiger is a mystery adventure set (one story in three parts) in the fictional city of Chesterfield, present-day mid-west, about seeking retribution against the man that killed a prominent business man, his wife and their only son. Unbeknownst to the public, their son survived and for years, lived virtually anonymous, homeless, hoping for some fragment of justice, but things never go as planned, especially when you’re chasing a murder.

And as if that was not enough, just when circumstances were set in motion to lure the murder into showing his true colors, Billy found himself face to face with his past, his childhood love; long suppressed feelings rise again, and she complicated… well, everything.

Book 1:  An Unexpected Complication

Things seldom go as planned, especially when you’re chasing a murderer.




Book 2:  Deadly Undercurrents

Tiger’s tenacity usually got her into trouble, but nothing like the night she went searching for clues…in the woods…alone…




Book 3: The Trap

Tiger’s nerves were on edge, but the plan was simple, though dicey. Just intercept the hired assassin and stop him. What could go wrong?