Keeper and His Tiger Book 3

The Trap

Tiger’s nerves were on edge, but the plan was simple, though dicey. Just intercept the hired assassin and stop him, she reminded herself. What could go wrong?

Keeper’s worst fears were realized when Tiger was shot; he was unable to adequately protect her.

His parent’s murderer was on the run, sought for attempting to kill him and now Tiger, but there were rumors of new contracts whispered about. Keeper was running out of time. Changes were necessary to ensure the safety of the homeless that looked to him for their security, and to give Tiger a future if the worst happened.

The day after Tiger’s release from the hospital, Keeper and Tiger secretly eloped. Together, joined in mind and spirit like never before, gambling everything they had, they combined their efforts to unravel the department store’s secrets and uncover Hammersmith’s deeper, darker motives.

Keeper had to lure Hammersmith to act once more, only this time in front of witnesses. And once more, he had to put his life in Tiger’s hands and hope he could survive another trap...

Publisher: Red's Ink and Quill
Cover Artists:

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