Aidan Red Books

[pvcp_1]h2>[pvcp_1]strong> [pvcp_1]a href=””>Keeper and His Tiger Series[pvcp_1]/a>[pvcp_1]/strong>[pvcp_1]/h2>
Young Billy Carson survived the car wreck that killed his parents, only to realize it was murder. He spent the next seventeen years as a homeless person to protect the last of his family and remain publically ‘dead’ while trying to collect the evidence necessary to pin the murder on the perpetrator, a well known, iconic architect, Mike Hammersmith. But when Billy pushes Hammersmith to get him to show his true colors, and just when Billy rediscovers his childhood sweetheart, Hammersmith takes his fight to the streets. Billy quickly realizes that she is caught squarely in the middle of the coming conflict.

Follow Billy as he tries to balance his challenges and the complications in his life, and still bring his parent’s murderer to Justice.
[pvcp_1]h2>[pvcp_1]strong>[pvcp_1]a href=””>Paladin Shadows Series[pvcp_1]/a>[pvcp_1]/strong>[pvcp_1]/h2>
Shara and the beautiful forested terran mountain valley she lives in become the targets of secreted intergalactic slave traders. Shara discovers her life is in danger and finds old and new allies to help her desperately face the terrible challenges that confront her as she battles the Traders and her own family for her survival.

Grab on and hold on tight as Shara’s life unfolds, chronicled on the pages of the epic Paladin Shadows Series.
[pvcp_1]h2> [pvcp_1]strong>[pvcp_1]a href=””>West’s Ghost Ranch[pvcp_1]/a>[pvcp_1]/strong>[pvcp_1]/h2>
Charlie Basset, a rated pilot and fully delegated aircraft mechanic, had been running for her life for years. But now, things were quieter, and her life had grown to have some meaning, yet without a future. Then by seemingly random chance, she met Glen West when she was invited to his secreted airport, the Ghost Ranch. There, with West and his crew, secluded and immersed in the restorations of many very expensive WWII fighters, Charlie finally felt safe, for the first time in her life.

Then the old search for her flared up all over again, rekindled by a newspaper photograph of her in the cockpit of a restored P-51 at a regional Colorado fly-in.
[pvcp_1]h2>[pvcp_1]strong>[pvcp_1]a href=””>[pvcp_1]span style=”color: #000000;”>Fearin’ the Banshee[pvcp_1]/span>[pvcp_1]/a>[pvcp_1]/strong>[pvcp_1]/h2>
Mary Gorden awoke and found she was [pvcp_1]em>alone[pvcp_1]/em>. What was left of her past, stripped away in a few seconds of pure terror! Even her identity vanished and she did not know herself or what her future would be. Her memories and longings took advantage of her weakness and her despair held her captive in her grief. She was angry! Angry over the hand that fate had dealt her; angry that the gunman had seriously wounded her and her husband. She was angry that she was the one that survived, trapped in her new, unhappy reality.