Trilogy 2: Terran Recruits

Part 1: In the wake of chaos.

Still being alive felt good! Being with Greg and knowing some of his secrets felt wonderful! But Shara knew it was only a matter of time before the slavers realized she was still alive and then they would come again, searching for her. Greg’s mission was over and he would leave, leaving her behind, following his new orders and the only defense she had was herself, her few loyal friends and her newly awakening talents.


Part 2: Terran Talents join forces

Shara was suddenly surrounded by elements of the Galactic Peace Force; Shadows, fighter pilots and marines. Completely unprepared for what would come next, Shara’s talents and new alliance with Greg threw her straight into the head-to-head fight against the slave traders.


Part 3: New rules of engagement.

The fight against the slavers took on a new focus, a larger, more threatening purpose and unexpectedly, Shara found herself at the point of the charge and with odds that were definitely not in her favor.