Trilogy 1: Terran Assignment

Part 1: Things are not as they seem.

Shara had dreams, bad ones, nightmares actually. After encountering the ‘light’ in the woods, her dreams came night and day, suddenly snatching her away from the realities of the moment, plunging her into horrible memories; memories she knew she never had. At first, she thought she was going crazy, then the voices came.


Part 2: When luck is not enough.

Fear and anxiety crashed through the protective walls of  Shara’s sanctuary, her home, the valley. She could not believe her friends were being attacked; then the attacks became terrifyingly personal! To survive when the slavers came after her, Shara knew she would need more than luck.


Part 3: Fate has a different idea.

Her friends on the run, herself captured, poisoned and wished dead by the slavers, Shara discovers fate was not finished with her. Not yet, anyway. But the truth was hard to accept, and it would take all of her courage and strength to face the challenge set squarely in her path.