Aidan’s Bio


Aidan Red’s passion for aviation and aircraft design, engineering, and a deep interest in space and space travel go back many years. An avid reader from an early age, Aidan, with great trepidation, ventured into the world of writing during college. With real world experience in business aviation, Aidan’s creative side led him to create an alternate world where the beautiful Riggs Valley was born and Shara’s life became chronicled in his epic science fiction series, Paladin Shadows.

Paladin Shadows consists of the five triptychs (three-part works), Terran Assignment, Terran Recruits, Operation Retribution, Garda Nua and Assignment Casha-Six. In between the Paladin triptychs, Aidan has penned a three book series, Keeper and His Tiger, a six part project, West’s Ghost Ranch Series, consisting of two triptychs, Eight’s Warning and Charlie’s Promise, and a single book novel, Fearin’ the Banshee. Other works are coming soon.

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