Charlie’s Promise Trilogy Coming Soon

Just wanted to let all of you know that the last book in West’s Ghost Ranch Series, Book 6, Charlie’s Promise  Part 3, is now with my Copy Editor and the cover is in work. I am hoping to have copies available in July, both as ebook and as softcover versions. I hope you will take the opportunity to give them a look when they are released.

Ghost Ranch Series

For any of you that might be wondering where the Ghost Ranch Series is going, I am pleased to say that Charlie’s Promise, the sequel to Eight’s Warning, is progressing, though a little slower than I expected. Book 4, A Most Uncertain Present, has finished the editing phase and is waiting for a cover design, and book 5, The Present Conspires is written and currently in the editing process. The Conclusion, book 6, (presently untitled) is in writing.

My hopes are that this trilogy, Charlie’s Promise, will be out by next summer (fingers crossed).

If you have any comments or questions, please contact me.

Mandy O’Brien

I was visiting with a new friend, Janet, relaxing on her living room sofa in Bentonville, AR and our discussion made me realize I should share a few things about Mandy O’Brien. If you have met Mandy and her dad, Devlin O’Brien, then some things you might remember will be repeated, but if you have not… Well then for those of you that have not, I’ll begin at the beginning.

Amanda O’Brien was born to Devlin and Anne O’Brien, about eight years before you would have normally met her in Roosevelt, Colorado. Devlin preferred to call her Mandy, a nickname that persisted through her life. Continue reading “Mandy O’Brien”

Cali Marrow

Some background on Cali Marrow…

Born in Green Bay, Wisconsin to Aengus Hughes and Georgia (Reismann) Hughes, Cali grew up with a relatively normal childhood. Her father was employed as an editor in the newspaper business and when she was nine, he took a position with the Battle Creek Enquirer, in Battle Creek, Michigan. Her mother secured a teaching position at the Verona elementary school.

Cali essentially stayed to herself with few close friends in school, ignoring any significant personal relationships, even during high school. After she graduated, she spent her spare time tutoring and helping younger students and worked at a summer camp for fourth and fifth grade children. Then with her summer over, a partial scholarship to the local Western Michigan University branch in hand, she took courses in Child and Family Development. In the meantime, her father had set aside a trust fund for her and an education allowance to help her advance. But without warning, she suddenly needed every penny of her allowance: both her parents had died in a car accident, struck by a drunk driver, two months into her first semester. Well educated in the old country ways and beliefs, mostly due to her father’s Irish influence in her upbringing, Cali felt the deep despair of the Banshee’s double wail.

Continue reading “Cali Marrow”