West’s Ghost Ranch Series

 Eight’s Warning Trilogy

In this modern-day mystery adventure, a young woman, pilot and mechanic, hides in the life and identity she created until a casual, random event catches the attention of the deadly sinister side of her past, resurrecting old  memories and fears and revealing new complications and lethal dangers.

Part 1: The Past Hunts

When twenty-one year old Emli Collingsworth disappeared from college without a trace, her abusive and overbearing father launched an intense manhunt to find her. Then eleven years later, look-a-like Charlie Basset was noticed in an aviation newspaper article…

Part 2: The Past Attacks 

Convinced a picture of Charlie Basset West is his missing daughter, Emli, Howard Collingsworth sent his investigators to find and bring this woman to him; no matter what it took. Can Glen West honor their public appearances and still protect Charlie from a possible kidnapping attempt? Or worse?

Part 3: The Price of Escape

Befriended by Emli’s sister, Cathy, after Charlie’s failed kidnapping attempt, Charlie’s life instantly became more complicated than she could imagine. She was unprepared for the sudden concern, worry, or even the crushing guilt that overwhelmed her when Cathy was unexpectedly kidnapped as the other Emli look-a-like. Charlie and Glen rally the Ghost Ranch and try to correct an incredible wrong…


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