West’s Ghost Ranch Series

Eight’s Warning is the first part (one story told in three parts) of a mystery adventure set in the world of aviation and precipitated to one place that restored WWII airplanes, the Ghost Ranch.

Charlie Basset, a young woman making her way as a pilot and mechanic, was hiding from her abusive childhood family and the just-out-of-sight, relentless search for her. When Charlie took Glen West’s urgings to heart, she went to work for the ranch, its seclusion and solitude providing a much needed separation from the public eye. But when a photo of her appeared in a newspaper fly-in booklet, everything changed…

Eight’s Warning, Part 1: The Past Hunts

West’s Ghost Ranch Series Book 1

When twenty-one year old Emli Collingsworth disappeared from college without a trace, her abusive and overbearing father launched an intense manhunt to find her. Then eleven years later, look-a-like Charlie Basset was noticed in an aviation newspaper article…

Eight’s Warning, Part 2: The Past Attacks

West’s Ghost Ranch Series Book 2

Convinced a picture of Charlie Basset West was his missing daughter, Emli, Howard Collingsworth sent his investigators to find and bring this woman to him; no matter what it took. Charlie suddenly had to rely on her new friends and Glen West to help protect her from a possible kidnapping attempt? Or worse?

Eight’s Warning, Part 3: The Price of Escape

West’s Ghost Ranch Series Book 3

Befriended by Emli’s sister, Cathy, Charlie’s life instantly became more complicated than she could imagine. She was unprepared for the sudden concern, worry, or even the crushing guilt that overwhelmed her when Cathy was unexpectedly kidnapped as the other Emli look-a-like. Charlie and Glen rallied the Ghost Ranch to correct an incredible wrong…

Charlie’s Promise is the three part sequel to Eight’s Warning, picking up Charlie and West’s story after Ratchet discovers the agents from South Africa following Charlie and  Cat at the Reno Air Races, and continues to the final face-to-face confrontation.

Charlie’s Promise Part 1: A Most Uncertain Present

West’s Ghost Ranch Series Book 4

Charlie’s life abruptly changed again, reawakening her deepest fears when Ratchet discovered the two South African Agents following them at the Reno Air Races, Mary Collingsworth unexpectedly escaped from her house arrest and her husband, the vile Howard Collingsworth, mysteriously disappeared from the Police Ward of the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.

Charlie’s Promise Part 2: The Conspires

West’s Ghost Ranch Series Book 5

West was seriously wounded and in the hospital, forcefully removed from Charlie’s side, and without his steadying hand, she suddenly felt the weight of responsibility settle heavily on her shoulders; West, the ranch and those that lived there came first. But she knew Howard, extremely resourceful, deviously treacherous and darkly fiendish beyond any normal expectations, was loose and he was again hunting for her.

Charlie’s Promise Part 3: When the Past and Present Collide

West’s Ghost Ranch Series Book 6

Charlie’s worries intensified after Howard escaped a police manhunt, killing ten Flint Michigan police officers, and all indications were he’s headed west. Then she discovered the South Africans added her and Cat to their hit list and West’s world was turned upside down when Dani was injured and Charlie was kidnapped—