Trilogy 3: Operation Retribution

Part 1: The training phase

Success is a double-edged sword. They needed fighter pilots for the next push in the fight against the slavers, but fighter pilots were in short supply. Shara suddenly found herself at Greg’s side, training new cadets for the growing war. Live combat, anyone? Survivors get to train for more.


Part 2: Taking the fight off-world.

Their war against the slavers goes galactic. Suspect freighters are boarded enroute and their nefarious cargos commandeered. The shippers added defensive fighter escorts and Shara led her squadron on numerous intercept missions in response. They knew the number of fighters would increase with time, but Shara did not expect to come face to face with the Warlord Prince’s heavy battlecruisers.

Part 3: Luring the Prince into the open.

There is only one sure way to deal with a bully. No matter how big he is or how small you are, you have to face him and take a stand. Suddenly Shara knew it was to be her hand on the thrust levers and her finger on the trigger.