Terran Assignment Part 1

Things are not as they seem

Shara, as did most people in the lovely pine carpeted valley, lived an unsuspecting life in the foreground of a sinister, hidden world of deception and greed. Her life was as normal as anyone’s with its usual mix of mysteries and trials. But when Shara’s curiosity led her to question the people that had gone missing from the valley, the sudden death of her favorite great aunt, the accident that killed her beloved grandparents, her world took a suddenly terrifying and threatening turn. Then, after her indescribable encounter with the strange light in the forest, Shara’s dreams, her nightmares, began to dominate her days as well as her nights, spreading guilt and fear with strange, horrifying, unremembered memories.

Even Shara’s one piece of stability, her budding friendship with Greg, was threatened when he was named in an attack against her best friend. Then, as her life suddenly spiraled into a dark abyss, when she felt it could not get any worse, the voices started coming.

Publisher: Red's Ink and Quill
Cover Artists:

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