Terran Assignment Part 2

When luck is not enough.


The voices and the night and day-mares stole Shara’s thoughts as if at the whimsy of some dark deity. She struggled with dark truths placed before her to make her judge, to color her biases and to change her alliances, yet somehow, from somewhere she dug down and grabbed the strength she needed to take the next step, to defy what she was shown, to seek and prove what she knew.

The dark world around her threatened to swallow her up, throwing her another curve; attacked by four men sent to drag her into the rituals and ownership of the slave traders, their mission was barely thwarted by an etherial sameritan. Then her hopes were again dashed; her friend Greg disappeared in the fiery wreck of her sports car.

With her best friend Jill’s help, Shara pulled herself up out of her dispair and prayed for enough luck to confront the darkness and to find the real truth behind the missing people, the rumors of slave traders, of Greg’s mysterious past and of things called Shadows. But Shara’s luck was not enough for the truth that awaited.

Publisher: Red's Ink and Quill
Cover Artists:

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