Keeper and His Tiger Book 1

An Unexpected Complication

Things seldom go as planned, especially when you’re chasing a murderer.


Billy Carson was a homeless man in Chesterfield. His parents were murdered when his dad would not sell once valuable city properties, the now unused Duckard’s department stores, to a noted renovation architect. Billy was fourteen. In the years after, his determination to prove the noted architect murdered them faded with each passing day, until he devised a dangerous ruse to lure the murderer out. Now, he just had to stay focused, undistracted.

As Fate would have it, his past unexpectedly interrupted and Billie Mattis, the fiery redhead from his childhood, stood squarely in front of him, suddenly complicating the hell out of...well, everything.

Publisher: Red's Ink and Quill
Cover Artists:

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