Keeper and His Tiger Book 2

Deadly Undercurrents

Tiger’s tenacity usually got her into trouble, but nothing like the night she went searching for the woods...alone...


Billy Carson, known as Keeper among the homeless people, trained Billy Mattis to defend herself and nicknamed her Tiger. Their relationship grew closer by the day. She was fired from a prestigious renovation architectural firm for wearing his engagement tattoo, and Keeper wondered about the firm’s senior architect, Mike Hammersmith. He also wondered why the unproven murderer of his parents disliked tattoos and what were his intentions, if Keeper’s ruse had not been a ruse and he had gained ownership of the mirrored Duckard’s department store buildings. Tiger explained his plans were to raze and rebuild the warehouse building and only renovate the department store.

Tiger’s tenacious efforts to help led her to a secluded tool shed in a remote corner of Hammersmith’s estate. There, hidden away from curious eyes and spared from the ravages of time, she found equipment that could have been used in perpetrating the murders. But searching near the rocky banks of the Chestnut River tributary was risky; Tiger was discovered! The undercurrents of helping Billy suddenly turned deadlier; shots were fired...

Publisher: Red's Ink and Quill
Cover Artists:

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