Thoughts about Billie Mattis…

Redheaded, freckle faced Billie Mattis had only one real love in her life, William C. Hawke III. She was five when she had met him and he was nine. As she got older, she knew that his father, W.C. Hawke II and his wife, were somehow involved in commercial real estate and they brought William to visit on varying weekends. Their dads spent their time talking about investments and future projects, things that would help her family’s ranching business and ensure her and her sister’s future. Both their moms spent their time discussing the arts and cooking

From their first weekend together, Billie, her sister Sandy and William occupied their time boating and fishing on their small lakes, and horseback riding. All under the watchful eye of the ranch foreman, of course, their friendship grew. But Billie’s playful and fiery personality and temperament, preferring to wrestle, to sword fight with sticks or handmade wooden swords, or to race their horses through the wooded sections of the expansive ranch, brought her and William closer.

Then the incomprehensible news of the accident came and Billie’s life was torn apart. She was five when she met him and he was nine; she was ten when she lost him…

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Thoughts about Shara…

This morning I was thinking about a friend of mine, Shara, and the incredible life she has had. I thought I would share a bit of her past in case you might follow her adventure in the Paladin Shadows chronicles.

Shara came about quite by accident, an unexpected bundle in the Smallwood household. She was born in the beautiful, pine covered Riggs Valley in the western United States and raised on her parent’s horse ranch outside of the small college town of Riggin. She was eight years behind her two, planned sisters, both of whom generally ignored her during her years growing up. They left home not under the best of circumstances after quarreling with their mother over things she could not remember. They moved to the lower valley and lived with their great aunt in the town of Hawthorne.

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Still here, just been busy…

The past few weeks since I launched this page have been extremely busy. Happily, I can say some of that busy-ness has been writing. I won’t say what I’m working on other than to say one of my series is getting an additional trilogy.

Unlike some of my writing friends, I am not going to set daily or monthly word-count goals. I seem to be able to keep my pace and move my stories along, so I’ll just continue to work with that and see how it goes.

If anyone has any questions, just use the Contact page and drop them my way. I’ll try to address them either with an email or in a future post.  Thanks for visiting – Aidan


Announcing Aidan’s Blog Page

For a general, first time use, I have created a blog page to promote discussions between my readers, inquiring visitors and possibly other writers. Let me know if you have any questions or comments, either in general or in response to something I post.

Looking forward to talking with you.